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How can I reduce my property taxes?

Your tax bill depends on two factors:

(1) The assessment of your property and

(2) The amount of money your local taxing districts need to operate during the upcoming year.

The assessment of your property is set by county assessing officials. If you live in Cook County, the official is the County Assessor. In Cook County, taxpayers can file an appeal with the County Assessor or the County Board of Review. Call these offices and ask for the date for filing an appeal in your township:

 The County Assessor's Taxpayer Assistance Department  (312) 443-7550.

The Board of Review (312) 443-5542.

If you live in any county other than Cook, the official is a township assessor or the supervisor of assessments. Taxpayers who believe their properties are over-assessed and live in counties other than Cook County should appeal to the local board of review. Call the board of review or supervisor of assessments' offices for filing deadlines each year. Assessment and Appeal Information Directory

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Only after following the above county appeal process:

A taxpayer who is unhappy with the result of an assessment challenge before the county board of review can appeal to the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).

***A petition for appeal to PTAB must be filed within 30 days of the board of county review's written decision, or within 30 days of the written notice of the application of final, adopted township multipliers by the board of review.

Your appeal will be rejected if you fail to file on time.     Filing Your Appeal  


Taxpayer Appeal Forms

Residential Appeal Form
Industrial Appeal Form
Commercial Appeal Form
Farm Appeal Form
Addendum to Petition-Multi-Parcel Appeals
Addendum Additional Pages
Farm Addendum to Petition-Multi-Parcel Appeals
Farm Addendum Additional Pages
Condominium Addendum-Associations Only
Property Spreadsheet for 50 parcels or more
(Please e-mail spreadsheet if 50 parcels or more)

Examples and Instructions

Sample Residential Appeal
Detailed Instructions
Direct Appeal/Rollover Instructions
E-Filing Guide