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Important Note

In February 2023, PTAB amended its rules to require that specific appeals be filed electronically through the PTAB’s e-filing portal. Any appeal that violates this rule will not be accepted. See Section 1910.30 (b)(1) of PTAB’s administrative rules. The PTAB recommends filing all appeals through the e-filing portal, even those not mandated.

As for any appellant not required to file an appeal electronically who chooses to file by paper, all appeal forms must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Springfield office. Forms that are faxed will not be accepted. The original signature of the appellant or attorney is always required on the appeal form.

Taxpayer Appeal Forms

Residential Appeal Form
Industrial Appeal Form
Commercial Appeal Form
Farm Appeal Form
Addendum to Petition-Multi-Parcel Appeals
Addendum Additional Pages
Farm Addendum to Petition-Multi-Parcel Appeals
Farm Addendum Additional Pages
Property Spreadsheet for 50 parcels or more
(Please e-mail spreadsheet if 50 parcels or more)

Examples and Instructions

Sample Residential Appeal
Detailed Instructions
Direct Appeal/Rollover Instructions
E-Filing Guide

Board of Review

BOR Notes on Appeal - Residential
BOR Notes on Appeal - Industrial
BOR Notes on Appeal - Commercial
BOR Notes on Appeal - Farm
BOR Notes on Appeal Addendum
BOR Additional Addendum Page
BOR Notes on Apeal Addendum - Farm
BOR Additional Addendum Page - Farm
Board of Review Certificate

Other Forms

Stipulation of Assessment by the Parties
Motion to Substitute as Attorney of Record
Request to Intervene in Appeal Proceeding
General Affidavit


Appeal Information for Illinois Taxpayers
Commercial & Industrial Appeal Information
Farm Appeal Information


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