ASI - Intervenor Information

Intervenor Information for Docket No: 2019-35523

Name: Glenbrook H.S.D. #225
Street 1: Same as Attorney Street 2:
City, State, Zip: Flossmoor, IL 99999-9999   Phone: 708-799-6766
Owner: N Confirmed: N
Resolution Required: Y Resolution Received: Y

Intervenor Attorney Information

First Name: John M. Last Name: Izzo
Firm Name: Petrarca, Gleason, Boyle & Izzo, LLC. 
Street 1: 19730 Governors Highway Street 2: Suite 10
City, State, Zip: Flossmoor, IL  60422 Phone: 708-799-6766

Intervenor Transaction History

Transaction Date

Transaction Description

Received/Letter Date

6/9/2021 Request to Intervene forms received
6/9/2021 Resolution received from Intervenor
6/9/2021 Extension request received from Intervenor 3/2/2021
6/17/2021 Extension request received from Intervenor 6/14/2021
6/25/2021 Intervenor granted initial 90 day extension 7/1/2021
10/27/2021 Intervenor has defaulted its right to submit evidence for this appeal 10/28/2021
11/2/2021 Correspondence from Intervenor received 10/29/2021


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